The Beautiful Naomi Rose

The Beautiful Naomi Rose has exquisite properties and we love working with these scented Roses. Buy online for next day delivery. Bishops Stortford.

The Beautiful Naomi Rose

The rose red Naomi Rose was first introduced to our UK flower markets in 2006 and is one of the most popular red rose used today.  The Naomi Rose has exquisite properties which is why here at Floral Desire Florist we love working with them.

It is the only Rose grown commercially that has a subtle scent, making them perfect for wedding bouquets and centre pieces as well as offering a long vase life at home.  Naomi Roses can have up to 80 flower petals per bloom and has a large flower head.

Red Naomi Roses are grown by top quality Dutch rose growers and are available all year around and because of their large flower head and luxurious feel, they are popular with celebrities and top floral designers.

We take the greatest care delivering our Roses which will arrive to you in the best condition we can offer.  We keep them at the optimal temperature for storage and ensure that that they are not exposed to wind or drafts.  As soon as you have taken delivery of your Naomi Roses, put in a clean vase with water and cut flower nutrients.  Use a sharp knife to cut 4-5cm off the rose stems at an angle.  Remove leaves from the stems so that you have no leaves under water level.  Place your beautiful vase of roses in a draft-free location and enjoy.

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