History of the Christmas Wreath

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History of the Christmas Wreath

Hanging a wreath on your front door is almost as important as putting up your Christmas Tree, but where did the tradition come from?

There is no clear answer!  Some say it all originated with the Druids who have been know in history of wearing sprigs of holly and mistletoe.   Others say it came popular when Christianity took hold in Rome; a Chrstian wreath that represents Jesus Christ’s suffering, it was an invitation for Christ to come into their home.

The word ‘wreath’ was a middle english word meaning to ‘writhe’ or ‘to twist’, meaning a never-ending circle or band with flowers or leaves in a garland.

No matter its origins, hanging a wreath out is very much part of Christmas and here at Floral Desire we have quite a few for you to choose from.  We can also make up a bespoke order just for you, just tell us your ideas. Free local delivery.

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